Friday, June 17, 2011

3 Things

1. I've survived first week of school! Haha. That's not really a big achievement though 'cause first week's supposed to be the most relaxed one. And, I'm not exactly done yet 'cause I still have class tomorrow. Yes, on a Saturday. :( Oh well. I hope it'll be worth it.

2. I've changed my layout. It's a very minimalist one (which I absolutely love) from Powered by Pastries (thank you!). This site is really awesome and cute!
I don't know why my labels are everywhere in my posts though, when they're supposed to be only at the bottom of each one. :| I don't know, I have to fix that -- err...ask someone how to fix that. Haha.

3. I've got to start getting fit. o.o Haha. I plan to start swimming in the mornings. Swimming's said to be the best exercise since you use your whole body (arms, legs, lungs, brain...haha! well, you get the picture). And not to mention, swimmers have such toned arms and nice shoulders. *swoon* Hahaha! Just kidding. Well, let's just see how good that'll work. Wish me luck! LOL. :))

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