Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gone Food Trippin'!

Hi from a newb, and this is going to be my first real post. Haha! So here goes!

Last week, my mom, my little brother (who's not so little) and I were in Bangkok, Thailand. We stayed there for just about 4 days. And here are some of the highlights of our trip -- well, food trip really. Excuse the amateur photography. I'm working on it. LOL. :D

I'd say that's like a seafood version of chicken cordon bleu minus the cheese. It's got a lovely sweet and spicy sauce there at the back. Good stuff!

This is mango salad. It's made of semi-ripe mangoes mixed with onions, anchovies, a few nuts and a really delicious tangy sauce.

If you know "oh-wa-tsien", you'll know what this partly is. I don't know what it's called really so I'll just call it Seafood Cake. It has oysters, mussels, egg, veggies and stuff. It's also good with their sauce. Wow, now I feel everything in Thailand is all about the sauce. Haha!

Shabushi! It's shabu-shabu style cooking but the food come to you via conveyor belt! Perfect for pigging out coz you don't even have to stand anymore! The sushi was awesome too!

A modern Japanese version of "ukoy" or fried shrimp. I think it looks really cool.

And my favorite!
Well, it's really just beef sauteed in garlic, but it was bursting with so much flavor that I just loved it so much. It came in a bento box with rice, miso soup, mashed potatoes and other vegetables and sides. Yum! :)

I also cannot get enough of this fried wanton you can practically find at every street, but I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it. That just means I have to back and take some then. Kidding.

That concludes the food part.

I like this photo of the fountain right outside Siam Paragon. It's really pretty, though it's a bit blurry. I like fountains. They make me feel happy.

And we even met TOM CRUISE!
Just kidding. That's a wax figure of him. And that's yours truly. Could have fooled you for a moment there, huh? LOL. :D


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